жилой комплекс в ОдессеThe residential complex "New Cheremushki" has a good infrastructure. Across the Malinovsky Street many routes of various types of transport are located - this allows the inhabitants to easily reach the desired place of Odessa. A school, a kindergarten, a clinic and a hospital are located very close to it. Many supermarkets will allow making purchases at any moment. The Malinovskiy marketknown to many residents is situated nearby, and it is pleasant to take the family to the Park of Gorky.


The project has 12-storey residential buildings (14 of them) with built-in or attached to the 1st floor objects of social and cultural functions, 1-storey 7-cell underground parking in its sructure.

The projected group of residential houses with social objects and underground parking isin the Malinovski area of Odessa in the far away quarter, limited by:  Malinowski Street - from the North; Gaidar Street - from the East; 5-storied residential - houses from the West and the kindergarten from the South.

The projected plot of the total space of 28157,0 m2 with approximate dimensions of the sides 180 m x 160 m and is rectangle in its shape.

In residential sections 1, 2 and 3 - room apartments are planned.

The project implies preparatory furnish of premises of excellent quality for fine finishing, implemented by the flat owners and fine finishing of all the common house premises. For this purpose the products of TM \"Ceresit\" are useful.

For time of its existence the company \"Henkel Bautechnik (Ukraine)\" has taken the leading positions on the market of construction chemicals and products of the brand Ceresit, which it produces, uses the deserved authority among the construction professionals. Ceresit has already become the common name of adhesives for tiles, materials for finishing floors, mixes for waterproofing works, systems of materials for thermal insulation of buildings, putties, plasters and foam.

Windows and balcony doors are constructed of metal-plastic profiles LLC \"Paritet\", Centre of Window Technologies.

The source of water supply of the district due to the order №491 from the water supply pumping station «South».

The heating system operates at gas boilers Viessmann, they significantly save energy. The controller of the new generation is equipped withthe system of diagnostics, an interface for portable computers, and the ability to adjust that depends on the room temperature. Flow-type heat exchanger of these models of boilers provides instant hot water of constant temperature. It originates fromGermany.

The electrical aspect of the projectis done for the voltage of 3-phase AC 380V/220V with grounded neutral with the system ground TN-C-S.

Designing of the system of automation and dispatching of engineering equipment, systems of safety and video observation of yard area, parking and front doorsis made by LLC \"Secret Service\".

Installation and support of elevators is produced by the company \"Carat-Liftkomplekt\",

The project is characterized many engineering solutions ensuring the fire safety of the complex– Systems: Bosch, Secret Service.


    • Группа жилых домов состоит из 2-х 7-секционных 12-этажных домов;
    • При покупке квартиры возможна индивидуальная планировка и ремонт
    • высота потолка – 3 метра;
    • газовые плиты;
    • повышенная шумоизоляция;
    •  автономное отопление;
    • металлопластиковые энергосберегающие окна «Центр оконных технологий»
    • резервная система энергообеспечения и
    • высокоскоростные лифты;
    • закрытая охраняемая территория;
    • подземный паркинг;
    • автомойка и шиномонтаж в паркинге;
    • благоустроенная территория с озеленением;
    • видеонаблюдение;
    • центр здоровья;
    • зона отдыха;
    • детская площадка;
    • спортивный городок;
    • место для выгула домашних животных;
    • телефон, интернет, цифровое ТВ;
    • профессиональная управляющая компания;
    • система «Умный дом».
    • l-2-3-х комнатные квартиры от 40 до 106м2;
    • полный монолитный безригельный каркас с наружными стенами из стеновых блоков, с утеплением фасада по системе «Ceresit»